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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We made it safely to Manley Hot Springs.......our home

It was quite a drive in from Fairbanks for sure! Jon drove the first 80 or so miles of the paved roads....some slipping and sliding included.
I drove the last 70 some miles to town. In the dark, pulling the trailer.....with snow drifts and blowing winds.
Got into town about 8:30 pm and came right to our place. We hadn't been home long when one of the townspeople pulled in on their snowmachine. Snowmobiles are called either snow machines or snogoes here in Alaska.
Once we got all the shutters off the windows and door we got a fire started promptly! The thermometer in the house registered about 20 degrees.
After that we carved a path with the snow shovel to the house from the truck to unpack clothing and groceries. Snow was about a foot or so deep.
After getting the house all warm I whipped up something to eat and pretty much just passed out.
And that is the beginning of our time here.......first Alaskan winter.

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