Knitting, Spinning, Fiber and Yarn dying fun! Along with a bit of northern style adventure.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Up north for Christmas!

He cut a tree for me/us and it is the best tree ever! See that angel? Tin foil baby made by his own two hands LOL. See the garland? Strung up some jiffy pop from 2003 and rose petals on dental floss! Can't beat that!

Yes that was the two track road to get to the cabin in the woods...............see the man in the left? He worked that new ax I got for Christmas while I drove the truck behind him. Thankful for the 4x4! That snow was a foot deep at least.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The two best things for the holidays! this

and this.........she is precious!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The day before 12-21-12

This happens to be the day before my birthday. Yes my day is on 12-21. So how do you think this will pan out?

I will certainly be taking a few knitting works in progress to the cabin this four day weekend........shawl and maybe start of something new. I am thinking socks for me out of new yarn from Lollipop yarn on or to start a sweater with yarn I already have stashed. I need both.

I got this:
I want to try out the afterthought heel I like the instructions found here.

For now Happy Holidays.........just in case tomorrow doesn't work out well for us as the Mayans predict. LOL.

Monday, December 17, 2012

just a peek at what is to come

So I have been busy and here is just a tiny sample of fibery goodness!

I think to date.........well no I dyed a few new yarns and fiber over the weekend that I don't have pics of yet to post but this is one of my favorites for sure and it has a matching fingering sock yarn look a like!

I have fabrics out to cut up for the sweater project bags. Now to just get them done before Christmas? I don't know about that as we are headed up north (Northern Michigan) for the Christmas weekend of beaver trapping..........this should be interesting.

On the needles: I finished the scarf for his dad, washed and blocked and ready to wrap. Cast on a shawl for me.......yes me called the Oaklet shawl and I am using some yarn I spun almost 2 years ago! Finally!

Progress is still being made on the logo.......once complete I will be getting the etsy site and all up and running!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday 12-12-12

Nothing much better than this date eh? If my memory is correct the date lining up won't happen again for something like 89 years?

What's new? I am heading over to the other side of the state to get lessons from a pro dyer. Can't wait! Even more excited she accepted the challenge.

In the mean time I have sewn a bag for my 'person'. Hope she likes it! She said she wanted a drawstring bag that is big enough for her 8-9 balls of yarn plus sweater and pattern to all fit at once. She also suggested a handle other than the draw strings...........your wish is my command LOL! The idea is to keep away from her fur kids!

It even has 6 pockets around the base for holding just whatevers! Can hold water bottle and small skeins of yarn even.
I plan on making up a few more, perhaps a bit shorter in height but with taller pocket section to pull it into proportion a bit. I like it!

This is just a preview of a few things that will be available for sale in my 'shop' when it opens after the first of the year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the agenda

Well.........I know that is a deep subject but my goal and plans are to start my own business. Why you may ask in this well populated market of dyeing and spinning fine fibers?

Because I have the passion! This has been on my to do or bucket list and I am taking the bull by the horns!

This is also a two fold adventure. One: fibery goodness and my passion and hobby and Two: to visit and possibly move to Alaska. Fiber-work and crafts is something that you can take with you.........regardless of how rustic you may be going.

In addition to blogging, making, dyeing and selling of products, I will also launch a video podcast showcasing and talking about how this process is going. We are currently thinking this is a 3 year plan......but it is the plan.

So stay tune and keep the adventure is only beginning!

North to Alaska is the motto!

Also on my bucket see the northern lights!

Happy Tuesday 12-11

Well this is nothing more than a test.........need to start writing and posting so this is it.

What is new? How about this?
I have chosen the graphic for my logo. Currently in the process of having logo and all artwork designed by Becca Gusler she can be found here: Gusler Design