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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Got up this morning and Jon cooked breakfast of pancakes and bacon. I made the coffee. After breakfast clean up I got started with the stuffing for Amy's turkey. I have to assemle and then take over to her house by's kinda fun. Wish we had two machines. Our truck is movable but it all depends on the temperature. If it's too cold you have to start the generator and plug the heater for the truck in before starting it. So it is just much easier to ride the snowmachine.
I think that we will start looking for a second one......he says this one isn't the best for breaking trail etc in this deep of snow.
In the last day or so we got an additional 12 or more inches on top of the about foot we already had.
Had to have our drive plowed twice and Jon borrowed a snowblower and sorta blowed the yard. Made it easier to shovel a path to woodshed, outhouse and shed.

Dinner was great! Amy did a great job. Lisa brought pies, she is like the best baker! We hung out for a few hours and watched tv in our turkey comas! 
Great new family of friends! Heath and Amy, Lisa and Shane, Jack, Jon and I. 

After a great visit we came home watched a show and fell fast asleep! What a great holiday!

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