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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

11-29-15 Sunday craft day

So we spent the day crafting and stayed home all day. It was a good day......a lot accomplished.
Jon got all the fur and leather bits all cut out. He had to hand sew most of it as my little machine just wouldn't sew it well.
I worked on my stocking kit from Annies Woolens. I figure that I can take a photo when I have the his and hers hanging by the fire!
For dinner we had Moose backstrap broiled along with baked potato wrapped in foil that stuck in the front corners of the oven right? And some canned corn.
Oh the meat was spectacular! I encrusted it in all kinds of seasonings and black pepper before broiling. I cooked the hunk whole and got it about medium rare. So as you cut into it.....was looking a lot like prime rib. 
I should try to take more photos......Everyone likes food photos right?
So in a nut shell we pretty much stayed up till midnight as he was on a mission to get the outer portion of his hat finished so he can spend tomorrow Monday finishing and attaching the liner.

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