Knitting, Spinning, Fiber and Yarn dying fun! Along with a bit of northern style adventure.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shop update schedule for this week

This weeks shop update will be Friday February 1 at 12noon eastern standard time!

Great stuff this week.........a bit of fun and love is in the air. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Act of Pattern Tuesday 1-29

Well every Tuesday on Plurk we all celebrate Tuesdays by randomly gifting patterns to either folks you know or better yet the ones you don't know!
We go to and search out people then see what patterns might be on their wish list...........then purchase as a gift and it is sent right to them!

Awesome fun!

Sometimes people don't have anything on their wish list so if you want to be extra evil or kind you search the types, kinds or designers they seem to favor and gift something new!

I am on my way over to start the search for the lucky recipeient!

Update on my KAL shawl called.............TGV (which can be found by searching patterns in

Is working up as a quick simple knit to showcase different types of yarn. Can be made from any weight of yarn I am using fingering/sock yarn. With this yarn I will get pretty much a shawlette or glorified scarf. Ok with me as I don't wear big shawls much.

This is my progress as of yesterday.

Here are two examples of others finished ones

Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday!

Well another successful weekend past! Tiny shop update went live on Saturday.....with only a tiny hitch! I was late.
Just couldn't get all the colors in the photo's just right and then there was problems with uploading it all in time!

Spent Saturday night with the girls Tiffany and Roxann and baby Karlee! She is such a joy.

I am currently in a Knit a Long on the Ravelry group C J Kopec Creations. She gifted us all that will be attending her retreat in May a Shawl pattern called TGV
I have elected to use one of my hand dyed sock weight yarns to make this up as a shop sample. So far So good!
I will have a new shop update this Friday Feb 1. The time is yet to be determined but I will also post teasers as the week goes on.
Have a great day all!

Alaska project update: we have found a couple of boat to figure out how to do it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frozen, unfrozen.......make up my mind

I was sooo happy last night! Got home from 9-5 and the kitchen faucet worked! Yippee, put everything back in the cabinets, remove space heater, dishes, clean up, and mop floors! Woot!

Rinsed tiny shop update for this week, hanging to dry.........Might not make it in time for Friday update......Saturday looks like the day!

This morning on this fine Thursday.......frozen again! Glad to have the majority of the house work that included kitchen water complete though.

This evening will require the printing of labels, descriptions written for etsy shop and me pacing back and forth hurry and dry, hurry and dry!

Excited that Valentines Day is just around the corner? My tiny shop updates will have you contemplating some quick VD knits or spins for sure.

Other news and Alaska prep? He is out there setting traps.........nothing in them for the past several days. Coyote tracks everywhere, they are very clever creatures! He is out again in the frigid temps checking traps this morning.

Boat shopping? This is the type we are looking for.........

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying week.......

Well it has been a trying week! First high winds on Saturday night/Sunday morning knocked out power. Generator connected kept the furnace, fridge and a few lights going...But no running water. That darn well pump takes 220v to run!

Finally Monday 6pm we got power back......only to have kitchen faucet frozen. It is now Wednesday and it is still frozen! I need to get to the dishes and most importantly dyeing for my shop update this week! EEEeek!

Needless to say it will be a tiny update on Friday providing the fiber and yarn that I dyed on Saturday dry, get photographed and posted in time!

I did however get great responses to the purchases made to date. Everyone over the moon with happiness and joy at the colors and quality!

I know that I put the effort and joy into a product I can stand behind........something that I too would love to have as my own.

News on Alaska part of the project.........darnit! missed out on a boat! Found the perfect one! Of course it was so perfect that someone else got to it first LOL! Still boat shopping long distance.
Jon is still working on the windmill.......that is a process.

Alaska inspiration

I am seeing this or.....
This as a next colorway for yarn and fiber.
This fish is called a Dolly Varden:

Though similar to, and often confused with, trout, Dolly Varden are actually a char (Salvelinus sp). To tell a char from a trout, look at their spots—char have light spots (white or yellow to red) on a dark body, while trout have dark spots (brown to black) on a light body.
There are two forms of Dolly Varden in Alaska, which differ in number of vertebrae (62–65 for southern form and 66–70 for northern form) and in number of chromosomes (82 for southern form and 78 for northern form). In addition, northern form Dolly Varden can attain a much larger size (up to 27 pounds) than southern-form fish. The southern form ranges from Southeast Alaska throughout the Gulf of Alaska to the south side of the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian and Kodiak islands. The northern form ranges from the north side of the Alaska Peninsula northward to the Mackenzie River in Canada, and in the Susitna drainage in Southcentral Alaska. Both freshwater-resident and sea-run populations occur in both the northern and southern forms. Freshwater-resident Dolly Varden are often dwarfed (maturing at 3–6 inches), and are most-commonly found in small headwater streams without easy access to the ocean, or in land-locked lakes and ponds. Dolly Varden may also choose to remain in fresh water if they have access to a large, productive lake or river, in which they may grow to a similar size as sea-run Dolly Varden.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shop Update to go Live 10am est. Friday 1-18

I have been working hard to get this shop update ready and here we are..........tomorrow 10am Live here

Tiny teaser.............


1st Shipping day!

Today all orders placed on Tuesday are shipping out! Watch out peoples here they come!

Thank you again.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick intro

My name is Lorrie and I was born and raised in Michigan. Still here………..for now. The inspiration for my shop and my future is to work towards making this a full time job. I love Fiber and love being creative. I have always made something.
Knitting has been my passion for many years and as with most fiber lovers……spinning too.
I have a 27 year old daughter, my old Chihuahua Chico, Older cat named Felix and even older Painted Turtle ‘Urtle’……and lets not forget Angus the youngest of all. He is a two year old Italian Mastif or Cane Corso. 125lbs of fun lovin, muscle head lumpiness!
And the man in my life Jon. I am thankful that the world wide web dating brought us together.
In the past few years of life changes for me I have been working on my bucket list. Harley Davidson of my own, jumping out of a plane, owning my own home and the newest and best……….North Cabin Fiber Crafts that has brought us all together.
The inspiration for NCFC is………Alaska. We have a 3 year plan. This year is to spend 4-6 weeks travelling up and down rivers in Alaska looking for property. 2nd year will be spending 4 months on our property either building or fixing up. 3rd year you ask? Living there for 12 months.
So this is where the North Cabin Fiber Crafts comes in……I am working toward the ability to have my own company that I can take with me to express my love of the outdoors and nature and combine it with my other love of creating wonderful products and sharing all that I see in Alaska in my colors.

The rest of the story? Well I will also be producing a video podcast with the same name. A place to talk out loud about all that I am up to........where we go, what we see and share the fiber life with the Alaska Project as this will be a long process with many learning curves in the road and I will do my best to share with you.

If this is something that might be on your list......stay tuned you can share the ride with us was we plan for our 1st trip to the Great North.

Thank you!

A successful Grand Opening!

I want to thank everyone who made purchases in my Etsy shop . With your support you made it a success!

I also want to thank the people that have encouraged me to go for it and supported me in my decision to finally make it all happen!
KaRi (CoggieTm) of The High Fiber Diet Podcast
Jon the man in my life
Tiffany my dearest daughter.

And all of my, Plurk, Twitter and Facebook friends/family.

You have always believed in me and what I can do. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is my big day! Etsy shop opening!

Yep Today is my BIG day! I will have the store open at noon est.
To keep up with info and activities you can also go to my blog for updates at:
Excited and nervous………

Thanks for stopping in!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Grand Opening of my Etsy shop!!!! Jan 15th

Hello and good day!

Well my big grand opening of the North Cabin Fiber Crafts etsy shop will be offically tomorrow January 15th 2013! Noon eastern standard time.

Here is a sneak peek of a few goodies!

Wish me luck!

My goal and game plan will be to do shop updates once per week and this is me hoping that I will be able to do it on Wednesdays.

Since this is my first updated and grand opening there are only one and two items per colorway. I promise that my next update will have more skeins and braids per colorway.

I will announce updates on plurk, ravelry, twitter and even facebook.
I can be found on all as Lorrieu if you want to contact me about anything.

Please say stop in and say Hi!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Middle of the week .........

What is new and exciting here at NCFC? Well I have been playing with Windows movie maker.....and handbrake to shrink and convert video files......Learning some ropes!

I have also finalized some logo stuff and will be able to get the etsy shop in order! Yippee and thanks to Beck Gusler at Gusler Designs for all of her help. She can also be found on Plurk and Ravelry as lemonhalf .

I think for fun later I will add a short video clip of the b/f and his muskrat trap cooking LOL. I know exciting but he will in part be a topic of conversation in my podcast and ya know just my life in general.

But for now here is a great shot of my winter/hunting boots. These are great! =warm and toasty feet!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday.........whats on tap?

Well today I get to go video tape? Is video tape even a description anymore?

Anyhow I will be recording the b/f at his place of business and interviewing him for a reality show. Yes, a reality show has contacted him and they may be interested in a new series on local "mom and pop" type distillery's local in Michigan.

Stay tuned to more info on that!

It may also follow us on our journey north during our late summers trip to Alaska.

Perhaps with this I will gain confidence to get my own video podcast recorded for the first episode. I have a lot to talk about, share and can't wait for my new adventures to get underway full tilt.

How about another teaser?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have been online shopping.......comparison

Ok so today I have looked and looked high and low, here and get the point right?

I want a new camera. Dilema? I currently have a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR. I want a small as compact camera with manual features. There are a few out there........and then I found one.

The reason for a new smaller camera.........our 4 week trip to Alaska July/Aug 2013. Not lugging around the big guns but want to be able to get the best pictures and even movies......I have a vid-cam and will also take that. Don't want to miss a THING!

Sony Alpha NEX-6
Why this one? The same size as a point and shoot with interchangable lenses and.........manual functions!
This one is first on my list.

Next on the list..........Panasonic Lumix LX7 or Samsung EX2F -- both of these have manual functions with no interchangable lenses  and half the price of the above Sony.

How do I pick? I can sell my Canon for almost 1/2 of the Sony then I am still only paying as much as either of the others but only have 1 camera.

If I keep the big honker.......and get a small one.......then I have two cameras..........

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year.......fabulous!

What is on my list you ask? Well I am working on opening my Etsy shop here:
North Cabin Fiber Craft

Have just a few kinks to work out......Debut scheduled for Jan 15 2013! Wish me luck. Quick peek you say?

Soon after will come the video podcast.........once I can get used to seeing myself on the darn screen LOL.

Take care and enjoy!