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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Monday first day back at post office

Well I got up at 7:30 ish and made coffee had a bowl of cereal and fired up the snogo. Had to be at work at the post office by 9. 
It was a good day of remembering what to do! Oh and we did not have mail delivery last week. We only get mail in by plane monday, wednesday and friday. I guess before we got in town there was no mail on Wednesday or Friday due to snow conditions. The plane couldn't fly. 
So Monday, my first day back......there was over 800 lbs of mail and packages! Yikes welcome back Lorrie! 
All went well and I was able to get all mail and packages scanned in by 1pm. That is the requirement.
After mail sort and all it was time for lunch. We just stayed at the post office for lunch and checked all of my logins etc.
Finished off the day on a good note to ride the snogo home and make dinner, do dishes etc.
Then it was movie time and good night! So tired and still not adjusted to the time difference. And just when you think that daylight savings of 1 hour time change is a lot to handle........4 hours takes time.
Also you have to figure into that it doesn't get daylight until like 10 or so am and starts getting dark at 4;30 pm!

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