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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Black Friday

Nothing special planned for today. Jon fixed breakfast and I did the clean up. He spent some time re-loading ammo for Heath.
I finished the peace fleece hat and of course he had to have it. I will get a pic of it tomorrow if I remember.
Got out my stocking kit/pattern and wound a ball to get it cast on.
More cleaning and such a small place it is hard to one keep clean and two to find places for everyday stuff.
We had smoked salmon for dinner with mashed potatoes and brocolli.......shhhh don't tell but Jon cooked the dinner! Woot!
Tomorrow is Diane's retirement from the Road House party at noon so I am making a batch of brownies and also whipped up to dish/face cloths on the pin loom to gift with a bar of my handmade soap tied with pretty yarns.
Amy popped in to say the guys where again playing poker he took off to play.
I am watching some dvd's and baking the brownies.......should do dishes......I have the water on to heat's hotter than heck in here when you fire up the oven! Whew maybe open up the front door for a bit.

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