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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

12-1-15 Tuesday

Today I will run into town on the snowmachine and pay a few bills......return some dvd's and a bowl, visit a bit too.
Not much on the schedule today. Need to finish Lisa's second cloth as her birthday is Dec 2 then I wlll take a photo.......
Tomorrow we might be heading to Fairbainks. Have a list of supplies for building etc to get and I will pick up a few additional groceries. Nothing we need yet but will need and if for some reason we can't get to Fairbanks in the next several weeks we will be all set.
Last night we had left over moose back strap with mashed potatoes, left over stuffing and I made some brown gravy to put over all of it. Was fabulous
One thing that is really awesome about having a wood stove going all the time is you always have warm water, and a super easy way to warm we have no microwave here. No Keurig and no toaster either. Coffee is a slow process with the perk pot.....but before bed I use Jon's grandpa's coffee grinder and fill the basket and get the water ready so the first one up just has to turn on the stove to get it going. By the time breakfast is ready, coffee is too!
I did however ask 'santa' for a toaster for christmas. As we have a really great generator now and it can totally handle a toaster.
I can say one thing, my biggest fear of being here in the winter was to be cooped up in the cabin with him.......and ya know what? It isn't bad at all. I do my crafts and he has his own. We listen to audio books or watch silly old tv series shows and next thing you know the day is over!
A weird thing to get used to is waking up in the dark at 8:30 with the moon full out and illuminating the sky just like it was sunrise or something. And by about 10:30 or so you can watch the sunrise. Now it getting dark at 4-ish not my favorite for sure, and the moon doesn't peek over the trees until about 10pm. So there is a time of real darkness early on in the evening. Sorta makes you find the time to see if you should be hungry for dinner yet! LOL
Phot below of Jon digging out our truck!

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  1. So wonderful to have you posting again. Excited to hear about your Alaskan adventure. I still use the antler orifice hook I bought from you.