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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Act of Pattern Tuesday 1-29

Well every Tuesday on Plurk we all celebrate Tuesdays by randomly gifting patterns to either folks you know or better yet the ones you don't know!
We go to and search out people then see what patterns might be on their wish list...........then purchase as a gift and it is sent right to them!

Awesome fun!

Sometimes people don't have anything on their wish list so if you want to be extra evil or kind you search the types, kinds or designers they seem to favor and gift something new!

I am on my way over to start the search for the lucky recipeient!

Update on my KAL shawl called.............TGV (which can be found by searching patterns in

Is working up as a quick simple knit to showcase different types of yarn. Can be made from any weight of yarn I am using fingering/sock yarn. With this yarn I will get pretty much a shawlette or glorified scarf. Ok with me as I don't wear big shawls much.

This is my progress as of yesterday.

Here are two examples of others finished ones

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