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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Middle of the week .........

What is new and exciting here at NCFC? Well I have been playing with Windows movie maker.....and handbrake to shrink and convert video files......Learning some ropes!

I have also finalized some logo stuff and will be able to get the etsy shop in order! Yippee and thanks to Beck Gusler at Gusler Designs for all of her help. She can also be found on Plurk and Ravelry as lemonhalf .

I think for fun later I will add a short video clip of the b/f and his muskrat trap cooking LOL. I know exciting but he will in part be a topic of conversation in my podcast and ya know just my life in general.

But for now here is a great shot of my winter/hunting boots. These are great! =warm and toasty feet!

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