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Thursday, January 3, 2013

I have been online shopping.......comparison

Ok so today I have looked and looked high and low, here and get the point right?

I want a new camera. Dilema? I currently have a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR. I want a small as compact camera with manual features. There are a few out there........and then I found one.

The reason for a new smaller camera.........our 4 week trip to Alaska July/Aug 2013. Not lugging around the big guns but want to be able to get the best pictures and even movies......I have a vid-cam and will also take that. Don't want to miss a THING!

Sony Alpha NEX-6
Why this one? The same size as a point and shoot with interchangable lenses and.........manual functions!
This one is first on my list.

Next on the list..........Panasonic Lumix LX7 or Samsung EX2F -- both of these have manual functions with no interchangable lenses  and half the price of the above Sony.

How do I pick? I can sell my Canon for almost 1/2 of the Sony then I am still only paying as much as either of the others but only have 1 camera.

If I keep the big honker.......and get a small one.......then I have two cameras..........

What do you think?

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