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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick intro

My name is Lorrie and I was born and raised in Michigan. Still here………..for now. The inspiration for my shop and my future is to work towards making this a full time job. I love Fiber and love being creative. I have always made something.
Knitting has been my passion for many years and as with most fiber lovers……spinning too.
I have a 27 year old daughter, my old Chihuahua Chico, Older cat named Felix and even older Painted Turtle ‘Urtle’……and lets not forget Angus the youngest of all. He is a two year old Italian Mastif or Cane Corso. 125lbs of fun lovin, muscle head lumpiness!
And the man in my life Jon. I am thankful that the world wide web dating brought us together.
In the past few years of life changes for me I have been working on my bucket list. Harley Davidson of my own, jumping out of a plane, owning my own home and the newest and best……….North Cabin Fiber Crafts that has brought us all together.
The inspiration for NCFC is………Alaska. We have a 3 year plan. This year is to spend 4-6 weeks travelling up and down rivers in Alaska looking for property. 2nd year will be spending 4 months on our property either building or fixing up. 3rd year you ask? Living there for 12 months.
So this is where the North Cabin Fiber Crafts comes in……I am working toward the ability to have my own company that I can take with me to express my love of the outdoors and nature and combine it with my other love of creating wonderful products and sharing all that I see in Alaska in my colors.

The rest of the story? Well I will also be producing a video podcast with the same name. A place to talk out loud about all that I am up to........where we go, what we see and share the fiber life with the Alaska Project as this will be a long process with many learning curves in the road and I will do my best to share with you.

If this is something that might be on your list......stay tuned you can share the ride with us was we plan for our 1st trip to the Great North.

Thank you!

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