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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frozen, unfrozen.......make up my mind

I was sooo happy last night! Got home from 9-5 and the kitchen faucet worked! Yippee, put everything back in the cabinets, remove space heater, dishes, clean up, and mop floors! Woot!

Rinsed tiny shop update for this week, hanging to dry.........Might not make it in time for Friday update......Saturday looks like the day!

This morning on this fine Thursday.......frozen again! Glad to have the majority of the house work that included kitchen water complete though.

This evening will require the printing of labels, descriptions written for etsy shop and me pacing back and forth hurry and dry, hurry and dry!

Excited that Valentines Day is just around the corner? My tiny shop updates will have you contemplating some quick VD knits or spins for sure.

Other news and Alaska prep? He is out there setting traps.........nothing in them for the past several days. Coyote tracks everywhere, they are very clever creatures! He is out again in the frigid temps checking traps this morning.

Boat shopping? This is the type we are looking for.........

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