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Friday, February 8, 2013

Announcement!!!! Friday Feb 8th

Good morning!

Wow it has been a couple day since I last posted. Not a problem though as I have been busy with the dye pots and a few new experiments LOL! I think these are gonna rock the house!

I have decided that once we hit 50 in the Ravelry group for North Cabin Fiber Crafts that I will do a random number generated drawing for a prize give away. Prize has yet to be determined as I have 2 that are really cool!

I have been knitting on the TGV shawl and on the home stretch, spinning mystery fiber from the swap at last years High Fiber Diet Podcast Knitting in the Mitten Retreat from November. Proving to be very pale tones of brown, cream, green/teal. I have almost finished the first 2oz and when I spin that other I will not pre-draft as much to try and get the brighter tones and colors to pop. Then ply the light and bright together for a fun colorway!

Alaska project still in place........boat hunting is an on going thing, mapping properties that we will want to visit along the rivers providing they are still available when we go late summer. Collecting goodies like tools, mosquito and fly nets, making lists and watching a lot of YouTube videos on boating down rivers and streams! LOL Men........they love that stuff!

In the Traps: this past week a couple of raccoons with very nice pelts......a missed coyote, he is just toying with the man and the trap!

I wish I had a few photos to put up..........I will in a couple days though! Have a good one!

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