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Monday, February 11, 2013

50 members in Ravelry group!

Ok folks we hit 50 members! I am so excited and thankful!
I will be doing a random number generated drawing and have a couple gifts to choose from!
I will post here when I have drawn and you can choose your prize!
Photos will be posted before drawing to be held on Wednesday.
Are you feeling lucky?

Also shop update this week will be on Friday 2-15 time yet to be determined.

I have spent the weekend dyeing more yarns!
One will be called ‘Dare ya’, one called ‘quaker-keet’, and ‘pining for you’ and ‘double dare’
sock bases are s/w merino/tencel, superwash bfl/nylon, s/w merino/nylon
Worsted s/w merino
Still working on spinning fiber of s/w bfl with a mix of dark brown and white base all dyed together. Can’t wait!

so the new color in Merino/Tencel is much similar to this bird. Bright yellowy green with gray and silver. Very pretty both in bird and in yarn!

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