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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So much going on!

Well when it comes to Alaska..........we found our boat!  Yes we bought a boat, I am so excited!

Our boat, she will need a name!

On another note we are still plotting out our river travels and property searches........If we are going to be camping for a month I also need to plan the menu. How do you camp cook for a month?
Best idea or comment will win a prize from my shop!

Speaking of shop here is this weeks bit of shop update. There are more items than in the photo, I have to save somethings for the surprise ya know!

Friday March 15th noon est shop update preview.

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  1. Camping for a month! Camp cooking for a month?! All I've got is potatoes in foil on the fire.

    Great boat! I thought of you the other day~there's a show called "Buying Alaska" :) So pretty, but yes...outhouses :)