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Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday! Love it!

I am soooo happy it is friday! I feel sooo good!

Took some time at the dyepots last night.......exciting! LOL.

Update for Alaska you ask.........can't hardly wait! We booked our flight! June 25-Aug 6! Can you believe that it's that soon? I can't!

As for Jon spinning.........that didn't last long LOL. But he is making me a warping board and it might even be finished tonight so that I can test it out with some self striping next week! Super excited!

hmmmmmmmm ok so I spun up some of the electric purple that I dyed 2oz on white base and 2 oz on brown. Spun each colored base seperatley and then plied them together. They turned out fantastic! I think that I will have to find the right project to knit this up!

There are a couple braids up in the shop at they look like this and below see how it spun up!

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