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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday 4-10 Rain and storms rolling in!

I haven't had much time with the dyepots this week so far and it's half over? Well time to step it up!

I have been knitting up some of my very first yards of self striping and am very excited with the results! I can't wait to debut this in the shop!

So much happening here in the next few days and weeks that I can hardly control my excitement and yes nerves and stress level.

I can get through this too right?

Here is just an example of stripes vs rows. I didn't care that much about the colors etc. Just wanted to experiment with getting yarn on the warping board made by Jon. Tying off the areas and yardage I wanted to color, then dye it, dry it and re-warp it in order to wind it off.

I am happy with this result and will be working on the next mini skein experiment before diving in head first for 450 yards of possible tangled mess LOL. Preparation! Learning and patience.

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