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Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Friday! 4-5

I love the weekend! I get to take my time and plan for all the dyeing and yes even house cleaning!
During the week it is hard to juggle both jobs and the man job too.
Last nights dyepots yielded some new and fun colors! Can’t wait to share on the 15th!
I have to step up my game just a bit as I am taking yarns and fibers to two retreats that are pretty much back to back!
Knitopia with Bloomingknitter the 24th thru 28th of this month! Yes this month April!
And the next is GGPL with cjkopec May 16-19th, 2013
And then the next project is to get in the gym for me to get into a bit of shape before Alaska! YIKES its a whirlwind!

Plan for the weekend is to take my first try at the new warping board and self striping yarn! I think the hardest part is for me to pick the colors! I love colors! This is soooo exciting!

I have the bestest man in the world! He made me this!
Next on his honey do list is that he is working on some more orifice hooks for me to take to my retreats! We work so well together!
Have a great day!

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