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Monday, April 1, 2013

Episode 2 -April 1 2013

Well this is it! I did it again.........whew.


Please forgive this scrunched up format don't know what happened! 

Show notes:
THE WACKY:  Introduce chico?

Easter weekend at the cabin. Jon built this cabin in the woods in northern michigan himself. only power is generator and solar power. no tv but we do have cell phones and can watch movies and youtube if we/he gets bored. LOL what will we do in alaska? might need sattelite dish and plan for like 1-2 hours per day of some kind of tv.
Being at the cabin is work. No running water, have to melt snow at this time of year for dishes etc. we only bring in drinking water and food. So to make a meal we do have propane for the stove or bbq and then it is heat water for dishes and that takes time. Everything takes more time to accomplish at the cabin. Even keeping the woodstove going for a constant heat or warmth and then there is the cutting and splitting of the wood to make that happen.


We are continuously working on getting ready for the Alaska trip this summer. As I have said before we have a boat and insurance on the boat, purchased our plane tickets and the gathering pile continues to grow in the corner of my bedroom! Packs and boxes and just stuff.

For easter jon got me a compass and machete and a net bag that we can use to put food stuff over the side of the boat took keep somethings cold.
THE WORK: all about the business
I did a quick shop update on the Thursday before easter.

I have some new fiber base: DK weight that will be named pebbles base
85% superwash Merino / 15% 231 yds/100gr there will be a few colorways done with this base
A few new in worsted 240 yards s/w merino base camp base
and several sock weight of s/w 75-25 merino nylon at 450 yards in iditarod base

You can see these in the shop:

THE WOOLY: knit it and talk about what I have done for the week, works in progress:

kntting: completed hitchhiker 3-24 found ball band for fiber content type brand

Socks from lollipop yarn in the cabin fever colorway knitting on size 1 for me toe up will do afterthought heal for the first time
He made me a warping board to hang on the only blank wall in the house in the hallway. photo
Woot warping board!!! It is finished and hung up now to give it a go………..hopefully this week!
THE WISH LIST: things I have found
I found an electronic counter for my modified by Jon verticle swift/skein winder!
And I got the mama bear swift n count conversion kit for 27.95

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