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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday 12-12-12

Nothing much better than this date eh? If my memory is correct the date lining up won't happen again for something like 89 years?

What's new? I am heading over to the other side of the state to get lessons from a pro dyer. Can't wait! Even more excited she accepted the challenge.

In the mean time I have sewn a bag for my 'person'. Hope she likes it! She said she wanted a drawstring bag that is big enough for her 8-9 balls of yarn plus sweater and pattern to all fit at once. She also suggested a handle other than the draw strings...........your wish is my command LOL! The idea is to keep away from her fur kids!

It even has 6 pockets around the base for holding just whatevers! Can hold water bottle and small skeins of yarn even.
I plan on making up a few more, perhaps a bit shorter in height but with taller pocket section to pull it into proportion a bit. I like it!

This is just a preview of a few things that will be available for sale in my 'shop' when it opens after the first of the year!

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  1. what a great bag! Loving your blog and etsy! Yay you!