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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the agenda

Well.........I know that is a deep subject but my goal and plans are to start my own business. Why you may ask in this well populated market of dyeing and spinning fine fibers?

Because I have the passion! This has been on my to do or bucket list and I am taking the bull by the horns!

This is also a two fold adventure. One: fibery goodness and my passion and hobby and Two: to visit and possibly move to Alaska. Fiber-work and crafts is something that you can take with you.........regardless of how rustic you may be going.

In addition to blogging, making, dyeing and selling of products, I will also launch a video podcast showcasing and talking about how this process is going. We are currently thinking this is a 3 year plan......but it is the plan.

So stay tune and keep the adventure is only beginning!

North to Alaska is the motto!

Also on my bucket see the northern lights!

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  1. northern lights is on my bucket list too. Glad to see you embarking on this adventure and can't wait to hear the tales.