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Monday, December 17, 2012

just a peek at what is to come

So I have been busy and here is just a tiny sample of fibery goodness!

I think to date.........well no I dyed a few new yarns and fiber over the weekend that I don't have pics of yet to post but this is one of my favorites for sure and it has a matching fingering sock yarn look a like!

I have fabrics out to cut up for the sweater project bags. Now to just get them done before Christmas? I don't know about that as we are headed up north (Northern Michigan) for the Christmas weekend of beaver trapping..........this should be interesting.

On the needles: I finished the scarf for his dad, washed and blocked and ready to wrap. Cast on a shawl for me.......yes me called the Oaklet shawl and I am using some yarn I spun almost 2 years ago! Finally!

Progress is still being made on the logo.......once complete I will be getting the etsy site and all up and running!

Have a great day!

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